NKBKA Yearly Membership

​The skill of successful beekeeping requires a lot experience and expertise. The beekeeper needs to have access to knowledge and practical beekeeping know-how which takes years to acquire. By joining an Association you are immediately linked to like-minded people who can help you deal with problems, which can arise at very short notice between inspections. Having a number of bee-buddies can be the difference between keeping your bees in the hive and producing a surplus of honey or watching your stock and your crop disappear over the hedge.

The annual membership fee for the Association is agreed at our AGM each year. This year the AGM agreed a membership fee of €35 once again. This is the same price as last year.

Your membership application will be submitted to the Irish Beekeeping Association and upon acceptance, you will receive a Completed letter from NKBKA, to include clarity on insurance.

35.00 / year