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Why join an Association ??

The skill of successful beekeeping requires a lot of experience and expertise. The beekeeper needs to have access to knowledge and practical beekeeping know-how which takes years to acquire. By joining an Association you are immediately linked to like-minded people who can help you deal with problems, which can arise at very short notice between inspections. Having a number of bee-buddies can be the difference between keeping your bees in the hive and producing a surplus of honey or watching your stock and your crop disappear over the hedge.

The NKBKA can benefit you in many ways

  • It provides public liability insurance to protect you and your family
  • It gives you access to advice and support from other members
  • It offers monthly talks and meetings to enhance your beekeeping knowledge
  • It offers a beginners course annually to boost your basic knowledge
  • It arranges a monthly social gathering with other ‘Beebuddies’

Additional Benefits

Joining the NKBKA also offers you
  • Full Membership of the Irish Beekeepers Association
  • Online Magazine with Articles and informative videos
  • Online lectures
  • Study groups for people who want to do Beekeeping exams
  • Tamper-proof labels for honey
  • Discounted BeeCraft Magazine
  • Live webinars with bee experts
  • Access to 3 association apiaries
  • Queen Rearing expertise
  • Access to an extensive library of books and videos
  • NKBKA conforms to all GDPR legislation. Our Data protection policy can be accessed HERE

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