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Summertime and the living is easy!

​In mid-July the bees are busy foraging as the nectar flow is in full swing. The hive should be at its largest with 40,000+ inhabitants. 
Swarming is  unlikely to occur as all hands are on deck to maximize the inflow of nectar for the colony. 

Uncapping the ripe honey

When the bees have removed the excess moisture from the nectar to produce the honey stores, they cover the cell with wax to prevent moisture from returning to the honey. The first step in harvesting the honey is the uncapping stage.

Honey extraction from the frame

Once the cells in the frames have been uncapped the honey can be removed from the cells using an ‘extractor’. It uses centrifugal force to push the honey out of the wax cell.

Microscopy Day

NKBKA members
Microscopy Day in Maynooth University – 6th April 2018

The Adnor Frame

Norman Robins’ new invention – the Adnor!