Based in Naas, we are one of the largest beekeeping associations in Ireland.


Beginners Course starts in March.
Tuesday nights – 8pm.
Delivered via Zoom,
due to Covid19.

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natural Beeswax candles, twisted with band, handmade of craft candles, made for holiday, art and health on dark background, copy spase

Make beeswax candles which are an excellent Christmas Present. Check the latest newsletter.

Hives in December

Your bees are now clustered and hopefully have enough stores for a few months.

Your hives should be secured from the weather and pests, strapped or tied down and entrances minimised.

Strips or trays for Varroa treatment should have been removed.

Clean and repair your equipment.

Varroa Destructor

Use ApiBioxal as your Winter treatment for Varroa, if your colonies need it.

Your hives are most likely broodless or have minimal brood in December so the Varroa will be on the bee’s bodies. This is when ApiBioxal is most effective.

Remember to follow the instructions on the packaging and wear your PPE when applying the treatment.

Christmas Presents For Bees

A packet of fondant over the crown board is the perfect xmas present for your bees. You should regularly heft your hives and use this fondant as emergency stores, if they need it. As we say, they’re better to be looking at it rather than looking for it.

Once the bees start using the fondant you’ll need to monitor it and add more